This website has been set up to detail UK Police Corruption, it is not a website created to attack the Police.

ian puddick

Ian Puddick

It is my belief that most Police Officers (inc Traffic) are good hard working public servants.

The purpose of this website is to show that most Police Forces place their Reputation above the Law and the People they serve.

The Police have a totally unique place in Society, there are operationally independent.

The Police swear an oath to uphold the Law and to investigate Crimes without Fear or Favour; it is this oath that separates them from the Public.

The Purpose of this website is to highlight that the Police literally can and have got away with murder, this often happens whilst some officers look the other way.

When the Police misbehave they render the oath and office of Constable …meaningless.

One Bad Apple

When the Police are caught breaking the law, the common police narrative is that it was a ‘bad apple’ and lessons will be learnt. We will demonstrate otherwise.

Operation Countryman

UK’s Biggest Investigation into Police Corruption

It started back in the late 1970’s when a court case exposed detectives at City of London Police who had been taking cash from villains to lose evidence, water down evidence even help arrange Bank Robberies and then take a % of the stolen cash.

This was the beginning s of Operation Countryman the biggest ever investigation into Met Police and City of London Police Corruption.

The operation got so big and out of hand the Home Office started to close down the Operation as it was becoming an embarrassment to British Establishment. The findings of Operation Countryman have been classified as ‘secret for 70 Years’ and stored filed away at the Home Office. During Operation Countryman the officers who were investigating the corruption had their office at Scotland Yard broken into several times, files on bent and corrupt detectives were stolen by bent officers who shared them with the criminal’s fraternity. We will be publishing extracts of Operation Countryman.

Here are a few facts that you may find interesting:

Why was Operation Countryman closed down and made secret for 70 Years?

Official answer – the investigation had come to a natural end and corrupt officers had been identified and dealt with.

The Truth – Operation Countryman recommended that the Met Police be disbanded and integrated into neighbouring provincial police forces.

Countryman established Police Corruption in the Met Police went all the way up to Asst Commissioner Level.

Countryman has enough evidence to Prosecute at least:

3x Asst Commissioners
9x Detective Chief Inspectors
4x Detective Inspectors
21x Detective Sergeants
14x Detective Constables

Countryman recommends over 300 Police Officers should be prosecuted

Four were prosecuted ….most retired early on ill health.

World in Action – Cleaning Up the Yard

This shocking film reveals how the Officers who investigated and exposed unprecedented Police Corruption were hampered by the Home Office and the management at the Met Police & City of London Police.

1970‘s Police Corruption

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Stefan Kiszko
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Blair Peach

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Frank Critchlow

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Jim Robinson

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Michael Hickey

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Vincent Hickey

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Pat Molloy

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Liddle Towers

1980‘s Police Corruption

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Daniel Morgan

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Det Supt Tony Lundy